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FLEXX SLATE® Translucent Stone Panels constitute a fabulous design product.

Without light, the Translucent FLEXX SLATE panel appears as a massive natural stone slab but, once it is backlit, a beautiful warm light shines through its surface.

The translucent panels have all the exceptional properties of the classic FLEXX SLATE stone and, additionally, can be backlit.

With abundant colors and textures, FLEXX SLATE®  Translucent Stone Panels will allow you to design back-light effects while enjoying the natural look and feel of the real stone (see our installation guide). Until recent years, either synthetic materials or heavy and expensive stone slabs (like onyx) have been used for this purpose.

Now, you may use our flexible translucent thin stone veneer for any application: backlit ceiling, columns, display windows, front desks or even tabletops, countertops and floors (in combination with sheet glass or plexiglass). Due to its flexibility it can be utilized to shape curved surfaces.

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