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FLEXX SLATE® Natural Stone Panels represent a new, revolutionary building and decorating material. It will let your imagination run wild when it comes to nature-like styling or designing your private or public spaces.

Made out of a thin layer of genuine slate or quartzite stone reinforced with a fiberglass and polymer composite substrate, it preserves all the beauty and durability of the natural stones. Together, Mother Nature and our cutting-edge technology have given birth to extraordinary qualities: FLEXX SLATE® is strong, flexible, ultra-thin, lightweight, and weather resistant. It is the best solution for remodeling and new construction projects, as it works great for both indoor and outdoor applications, while adapting to any type of substrate and any kind of surface, flat or curved.

That’s it – total flexibility! FLEXX SLATE® is easy and fast to install (DIY), it helps you save big money, and it is earth-friendly.

Because they are highly versatile, Flexx Slate Panels open a plethora of possible applications:

  • wall cladding
  • round columns cladding
  • wall decorative accents
  • receptions & lobbies
  • kitchen backsplashes
  • kitchen cabinets
  • kitchen countertops
  • bathroom renovation (install over the old tiles!)
  • custom showers
  • exterior wall siding (no load-bearing for multistory buildings!)
  • flooring
  • back-light designs
  • ceilings
  • millwork,
  • doors & furniture
  • fireplaces
  • built-in BBQ cladding
  • artworks (logos, coat of armors, medallions)

Take a tour of our PHOTO GALLERY to watch a selection of inspiring residential, commercial, exterior projects, and back-light designs. Visit our “INFO” section to learn more about the huge advantages of the different types of Flexx Slate panels. Or go straight to the ONLINE STORE to check our excellent rates and order any of our products or samples. Don’t know how to install our product? Check our Installation and Care guidelines and Do It Yourself! It’s so easy!

FLEXX SLATE LTD. CO., located in the very heart of Arkansas, the “Natural State”, comes to offer you America’s largest selection of ultra-thin natural stone panels – tens of textures and colors of classic stones, translucent (semitransparent) stones, mosaics, and artistic stone pieces. Compared to other similar products, we are not only offering the greatest diversity, but the best prices and countless options for sizing and customization. 

One of the most important things when looking for a product is to rely on professional assistance and technical support. Our expertise in the construction industry dates back in 1997 and it has been forged through achieving numerous state-of-the-art projects both in the United States and in Europe. With FLEXX SLATE®, you will count on high ethics, dependable technical support, creative solutions, and even useful design suggestions.

Enter and see how the “bending stone” will definitely change the future of the architectural design and make you feel “home”. Feel natural and a-STONE-ish your guests!

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