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FLEXX SLATE® Mosaic stone is the added value to your architectural or decorating projects.

Natural stone mosaic tile surfaces have adorned interior spaces for thousands of years and in many cultures. The beauty of slate tile hasn’t lost any of its allure even now in the 21st century.

Why choose FLEXX SLATE® Mosaic stone tiles?

  • You’ll benefit from all the excellent advantages of our classic panels
  • You’ll add elegance to whatever space you are looking to transform
  • You’ll get a wonderfully and naturally varied set of color and texture ranges
  • You’ll appreciate the natural patterns and unique character in a stone mosaic tile surface that have endured for thousands of years
  • You will take advantage of an incredibly range of applications – interiors, exteriors, kitchens, bathrooms and beyond
  • You’ll get a surface that will endure for long in look, but also in performance

Natural stone mosaic tiles for walls and flooring add character, artistry, and a sense of permanence. It ties your space to traditions that span cultures, eras and values upon which the modern world is built.

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